Yellow Kangaroos: Arrangement #7

  This week's arrangement introduced me to a new plant called Kangaroo Paw. My arrangement had the yellow variety but there are many kinds and colors of the kangaroo paw plant. This plant gets its name from the fuzzy flowers that look like the paws of kangaroo.   The biggest lesson I learned doing this arrangement … Continue reading Yellow Kangaroos: Arrangement #7

What I read this month – January Review

  This year I am trying to differentiate my reading. I love books and tend to collect them where ever I go (seriously though,  during the Global CRC Program I ended up with my suitcase half-filled with books I had picked up over the year). But between getting burned out from university reading and working … Continue reading What I read this month – January Review

The Smell of Yukari: Arrangement #3

What is Yukari, you ask? It's Eucalyptus! Though probably not the kind you are thinking of (ie Koala food). So then, what kind of eucalyptus am I talking about? Well, that is a difficult question. There are over 700 species of eucalyptus in the world and the majority of them are found in Australia. Only … Continue reading The Smell of Yukari: Arrangement #3