MIA & Good News

In true form I have fallen behind in updating my blog. I promise to be better!

I think my trouble is a lack of focus, procrastination, and a new development in my life. I hoped that focusing on education would drive the blog but I fear that might not be the case. Instead, it is a part. I consider myself a “jack of all trades”. I have extensive interests and experiences and it continues hinder find my “one true passion” (which is probably a load of bull for me). Thus, education is a part of this blog but not the soul of it. From now on this blog will be an intersection of education, travel, teaching, art, reflection, and any other random happenings I come a cross.

Will I go MIA again? Probably

Will I come back? Definitely

On my new life development? I have been accepted into the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). It is a well known program run by the Japanese government to place native English speakers in Japanese schools. I will be an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT). At this point I don’t know what grade I will work with or where I will be placed but I have about four months until I leave.

I am ecstatic about JET and returning to Japan. JET take up a lot of posts over the course of the year, but right now I think I will just post about whatever until it all comes into focus.

Until then, ta!

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