Welcome! Välkommen! ようこそ!

Welcome to my travel, teaching jack-of-all-trades blog. What you are going to find are my adventures as a JET ALT in Karatsu City, Japan, reflections and stories from traveling around the world, and my journey to become a teacher.

As of now I am rectifying my abysmal history in blogging. When I tried to blog in the past I wrote too broad and too unfocused (a decent reflection of myself as a college student). I was also struck with the need to make something my own. My third year of college was priceless as it was daunting – and it was mine. It was hard to share my experiences as I was still finding the words and meanings for myself. Only now, a year after graduating and about to embark on my long time dream, have I found the voice and focus to share my experiences – the good, the bad, and the weird.

I would be lying to call this a “travel” blog. There will be a lot of similarities but I am more than travel. I am passionate about education and the BIG dream is to become the best educator I can be. This blog is a long term documentation of my journey. I am not taking a traditional path to become I teacher and that is due in part to my traveling (and my own indecision). Thus, I cannot solely write about travel or education.

Holm is this Way is about adventure, exploration, and encouragement through/with/about education, teaching (they are two separate things), and traveling. But at its core it is about flexibility. The ability to expand, grow, decompress, progress, breakdown, try new things, and add the spice of possibility in the unknown.

I hope you enjoy.


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