Day 5: Fun Facts About Karatsu City

Congratulations Avery you have been hired by the Karatsu City Board of Education!

I was so surprised to receive my placement for the JET Program mid-May. I thought I had to wait until June, but it turns out I was one of the lucky ones (some participants still don’t know where they are assigned). After my ecstatic rolling about the futon couch in a Brooklyn apartment my next thought was – Where the hell is Karatsu City?

In honor of this question and 5 days from leaving for said city I have put together 5 fun facts about my new home.

  1. Turns out its on the island of Kyushu in Saga Prefecture and sits along the western coastline of the Genkai Sea.
  2. Karatsu ware is one of three famous types of pottery in Japan!
  3. In early November Karatsu celebrates its Kunchi Festival where the local deity shrine parades around the city accompanied by 14 giant floats.
  4. Weather is hot and humid summer with a rainy season in June and mild winters (30 °F)
  5. Home to an ancient castle and the Nijinomatsubara – A 360 year old pine forest planted along the coast.

I can’t believe I only have 5 days left – and I still to pack!

Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow – Packing Up Life


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