Goals: 2016

New Goal pic

With 2016 in full swing I have made a list of my goals for the year. In the past my “new year  resolutions” – if I make any – tend to fail. Usually because they are too vague and too broad; using loopholes and bad (no) planning. I am trying to change. Over the years I whittled way at my bad habits and goal-making ability. I have learned two things:

  1. Make it clear and precise – no half-baked vague ideas of what you want to achieve – then make a plan.

  2. Write it down/publish it/tell someone

This new year was a time of big decisions for me. I signed on for another year as an ALT and I decided to start laying ground work for obtaining my Masters in Education. So without further ado I give you some of my goals for 2016.


Professional: Pass the JLPT N3 & Earn a Japanese Driver’s License

I want to be fluent in Japanese full stop. I took the JLPT N4 back in December and I find out my results sometime this month. I don’t really do well in formal exams but they are a great motivator and pacer for studying.

As for the license…International Driver’s Permit only last one year and the driving is too different to just translate my license – thanks America. So if I want to keep driving I need to take Japan’s infamous driving test.

Academic: Understand the basics of Dyslexia

I know, I know. Don’t make vague goals. But sometimes when you are starting from square one you have to be vague because you just don’t know. What I do know is that I am interested in understanding how a dyslexic brain works and the current state of dyslexia in formal education – now you see why the goal is short and vague.

Blogging: Complete a blog series & learn basic website coding

I’m new to blogging. I want to get better. My next step is challenging myself with a scheduled routine of blog posts (check out my Blooming Monday Series) and learn how to code my own blog. I want to use my blog at its full potential and have it grow along with me as a blogger.

Travel: Northern Hokkaido & Home

In my Top 10 Japan Travel Goals I stated I wanted to go to the most northern and southern points of Japan. I want to get to the most northern part this year – in spring/summer, because that is the  only time you can go.

This year I decided to stay in Japan instead of return to the US for Christmas/New Years. This is because culture shock can compound if you return home too soon. Sometimes you need to go home and be with family – please don’t misunderstand me- but if you are experiencing a lot of culture shock and negative feelings then coming back from home can be worse (though not always). So that is why I want to head home sometime this year. I have settled well in my new home and now feel like it is a good time to head home for a bit.

Health&Exercise: Increase Kendo Practices

At the moment kendo practices only happen once or twice a month. I am hoping to increase that sometime this year. First I need to be able to tie my own helmet and probably buy my own bogu/armor, too. Second I need to start practicing at home and getting my cardio and endurance levels higher. After I do this then I can ask my sensei about doing more practices.

So there you have it. Those are some of my big goals for the year. Tell me what you think in the comments and feel free to ask questions if anything was too vague. ~♥

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