Blooming Mondays: After the Snow

Welcome back! Kyushu experienced a freak snow storm last week, the roads were covered in ice, water pipes froze, and my ikebana class was cancelled.

Blooming Mon After


Alright, this week arrangement is made up of yellow sweet peas (this is the first time I have ever seen yellow ones), light and dark pink carnations, dracaena (the green leaves), indigo leuco, and two branches of small white cherry blossoms/sakura.


First Attempt:

This is the first time I tried to contemplate the feeling/image I wanted to convey with flowers. It is harder than it looks. Sometimes you have an image but the flowers aren’t shaped the way you want or you don’t know the skills or techniques to manipulate the arrangement to your liking.


Pros: I tried to visualize; I remembered to place the cool colors lower and spread out the sweet peas; utilized small sections of the sakura to even out the balance and shape

Con: no idea how to manipulate the sakura branches; didn’t cover the kenzan well with poor use of the leaves

Teacher’s Lesson:





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  1. I think it’s beautiful. Did a little of this when I took a flower arranging class years ago. It was one of my favorites! Love you!

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