Blooming Mondays: Springtime in Suess


Sorry this post is a bit late!



Pink Tulips, Dark Purple Dracaene (the leaves),  Yellow Acacia, Purple Ryukokorine/Glory of the Sun (Leucocoryne), and if anyone knows what the white flower is called please tell me.


First Attempt


I like my first attempt but I didn’t know what it do with the yellow  Acacia. I think if the vase was a bit smaller and maybe a lighter color it would look great. This is one of my better attempt. I remembered to keep the cool, dark colors low, spread the flowers evenly throughout the arrangement, and keep the forward vertical style of Ikenobo in place. I did have trouble trying to hide the kenzan from view, but that probably wouldn’t be an issue if I changed the vase.

Overall I liked my attempt but I had to ask the sensei to teach me how to use the Acacia. From there I learned a lot of new tricks.

Teacher’s Lesson

I learned was that when using the long thin branches like acacia you must not let them hang or droop. The best way to do this is by simply turning the branch 180°. This creates tension against the natural grow giving the flowers a playful bounce and a lively appearance.

The second lesson I learned was that you can turn tulips INSIDE OUT. Mind blown. It doesn’t even look like a tulip anymore. Now the tulip has a big presence full of like that draws eye to it.

Now the arrangement looks more alive and like something you might see in a Dr. Suess book. I was skeptical at first but the more I look at it the more I like. My first attempt was cool and elegant but it feels like it was frozen in time. The new arrangement is bursting with life and fits the vase nicely.





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