Wait!? I am a DR!?

Wait!- I'm a DR!

Avery is a 2nd year ALT from The Land of 10,000 Frozen Lakes A.K.A. Minnesota, USA.

When not puttering around Karatsu in her infamous car Romeo Blue she can be found playing Pokémon Shuffle, writing her blog, and practicing kendo and ikebana. She loves trying new things, dancing in her kitchen, and long conversations over tea and coffee at her favorite Karatsu haunts.

Above is my introduction as a new District Representative (DR) on the Saga JET Website. At the Saga Winter Conference I decided to run for one of two DR positions in the Tomatsu District of Saga Prefecture – and low and behold I got votes! I along with my new partner in crime Ashlyn are the new DRs for the year.

My profile picture

This means that we are in charge of host and organizing events in and around Tomatsu/Karatsu, help out with the new ALT orientation in July, and assist all the Tomatsu ALTs with questions, comments, and concerns regarding daily life in Japan.

Here are a few things we are currently working on:

  1. Karatsu Pub Night aka Trivia Night
  2. Mongolian Restaurant Trip
  3. JET Leavers Party
  4. Revamping the Orientation Packets (mostly we are adding garbage disposal info)

And finally, along with becoming a DR I have volunteered to help out with the Saga Jet website. The site helped me get ready for JET/Japan and has continued to be helpful during my first year. I look forward to maintaining and improving it along with the other volunteer ALTs.

If you are a prospective JET and have questions or concerns regarding  the JET Program and daily life in Japan feel free to leave a comment below!





  1. Congratulations! Onward and upward! You will rock it! Nice to hear from you again and beautiful profile pic!

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