Blooming Mondays: After the Kumamoto Quake

I must apologize for the delay in blog posts. Karatsu is near enough to Kumamoto to experience small quakes and aftershocks so posting and flower arranging haven’t been a priority. The tremors don’t appear to be stopping any time soon, too. I woke up to a level 2 the other night. It was pretty scary in the beginning as I have never been through an big earthquake before. So now my arrangements sit on the floor of my kitchen. I don’t want to break my only vase nor do I want to accidentally kill my fish.




  1. Scary, huh? Are these aftershocks severe enough to be causing damage in your neighborhood?
    Have you heard of Museum Gel? It works to hold items securely onto flat surfaces so things don’t fall off when an earthquake hits! We have put it to use to keep our cat from knocking fragile items off of shelves and tables, so we know it does work well.

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