Ghost Student Series: Week 1 Outlook


International Perspective to Teaching Profession

The class will be introduced to the major themes of the course – the emergence of dominant themes around teachers and the teaching profession, their prevalence, and cross national comparisons of main issues, challenges, and trends – and engage in critical reflections about their own experiences of teaching and teachers.

Focus Questions

1) What do we know about the teaching profession around the world?

2) What are the main issues in international dialogue on teachers and teaching?

Darling-Hammond, L. & Lieberman, A. (eds.) (2012). Teacher Education around the World: Changing policies and practices. New York: Routledge. (Chapter 9)

Hargreaves, A. & Fullan, M. (2012). Professional Capital. Transforming teaching in every school. New York: Teachers College Press. (Chapter 2)

Sahlberg, P. 2013. Teachers as Leaders in Finland. Educational Leadership, October, 2013, 36-40.

For simplicity I took the quotation above from the actual syllabus. From there I am going to break down the next two weeks. This is subject to change as I learn and adapt better blogging practices.

First, I’m going to break down the focus questions and speculate a few answers from what I know about the teaching profession so far.

Next, I will break down and summarize each reading through a series of posts and share the key points I learned.

Lastly, I will answer the focus questions with my new found knowledge and compare them with my speculated answers from the beginning of the week.


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