2nd anniversary and 7 Wonders Duel

My husband and I are not big on celebrating birthdays and anniversaries on their actual day. We prefer to celebrate throughout the entire week. It takes off a lot of social pressure and expectation to do something big on just one day and allows us to do small personal acts of love on top of celebrating with friends and family. This is nice for me because my birthday never falls on a weekend and unless I move back to Japan I will never have the day off (goodbye sweet Golden Week. You made my birthday week epic).

So, this week is our 2nd anniversary of marriage. Since we didn’t have an actual wedding I feel weird saying “wedding anniversary” so that’s a story for another day. All you need to know is: Two years of marriage, yay!

My husband’s family is big on board games and I have been converted. Our favorite game is 7 Wonders. However you need at least 3 (honestly 5) to really play. With COVID we have been pretty selective about who we invite over so we usually only play with 3-4 people. We started playing just the two of us with a “ghost player” taking turns and stacking resource cards. But everything changed when we found out about 7 Wonders Duel.

Duels is the 2 person version of the game. We decided this would be our joint anniversary present. We bought it off of Amazon.de and, even though we ordered the English version, it’s in German. Thank God it’s a game based on symbols. Either way we love it.

Tonight we celebrated within an anniversary mango and playing a couple rounds – which I lost. 10/10 would play again. Next time I will win.

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