Academic Profiles – Comparing the Dutch Education to US Education

Recently in the Orientation to Finnish Culture and Education course at EdGlo we completed presentations on our personal education background. This gave us the ability to reflect on the education system we are most familiar with as well as learn about our classmates’ backgrounds and their countries education systems. While my most current experience isContinue reading “Academic Profiles – Comparing the Dutch Education to US Education”

A Profile of an EdGlo-19 Student

Avery Holm Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, USA. Educational background She grew up in the local public school system. In the local high school she joined the Arts Magnet Program where core subjects (English, science, social studies, etc.) were taught as interdisciplinary subjects with art. Across four years she explored creativeContinue reading “A Profile of an EdGlo-19 Student”

Ikenobo Arrangement #6

I honestly don’t remember this lesson (it’s from awhile ago). This week just enjoy the before and after. Maybe you can find the differences and the potential lesson in the arrangement. Looking at my first attempt again, the big green leaf really bothers me now. It’s too tall. I really taking pictures of arrangments fromContinue reading “Ikenobo Arrangement #6”

Less is More: Arrangement #4

  Long time no see friends! Sorry for the delay in posting. Between visiting home for Christmas and preparing the end of the Japanese school year I have quite busy. Never fear though as I have continued taking ikebana lessons and I will continue to share them will you. In this arrangement, I had aContinue reading “Less is More: Arrangement #4”

What I read this month – January Review

  This year I am trying to differentiate my reading. I love books and tend to collect them where ever I go (seriously though,  during the Global CRC Program I ended up with my suitcase half-filled with books I had picked up over the year). But between getting burned out from university reading and workingContinue reading “What I read this month – January Review”

The Smell of Yukari: Arrangement #3

What is Yukari, you ask? It’s Eucalyptus! Though probably not the kind you are thinking of (ie Koala food). So then, what kind of eucalyptus am I talking about? Well, that is a difficult question. There are over 700 species of eucalyptus in the world and the majority of them are found in Australia. OnlyContinue reading “The Smell of Yukari: Arrangement #3”