Blooming Mondays: After the Kumamoto Quake

I must apologize for the delay in blog posts. Karatsu is near enough to Kumamoto to experience small quakes and aftershocks so posting and flower arranging haven’t been a priority. The tremors don’t appear to be stopping any time soon, too. I woke up to a level 2 the other night. It was pretty scaryContinue reading “Blooming Mondays: After the Kumamoto Quake”

Blooming Mondays: Springtime in Suess

Sorry this post is a bit late! Flowers Pink Tulips, Dark Purple Dracaene (the leaves),  Yellow Acacia, Purple Ryukokorine/Glory of the Sun (Leucocoryne), and if anyone knows what the white flower is called please tell me.   First Attempt I like my first attempt but I didn’t know what it do with the yellow  Acacia.Continue reading “Blooming Mondays: Springtime in Suess”

Blooming Mondays: Valentines

I was so excited for the warm weekend weather in Kyushu. It felt like spring! Then Monday rolled around and the weather dropped – typical. I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day. Here is my “after” valentines arrangement that reminds me of the coming spring. Flowers So this week I used: pinkContinue reading “Blooming Mondays: Valentines”

Blooming Mondays: Get Well Soon

Big thanks to my classmate who brought over these flowers when I was ill. This Monday’s arrangement is my personal get well card. The Flowers I normally take the flower picture on my phone but it died in the beginning so the pics are on my big camera instead. I will update during the week.Continue reading “Blooming Mondays: Get Well Soon”

Blooming Mondays: After the Snow

Welcome back! Kyushu experienced a freak snow storm last week, the roads were covered in ice, water pipes froze, and my ikebana class was cancelled. Flowers: Alright, this week arrangement is made up of yellow sweet peas (this is the first time I have ever seen yellow ones), light and dark pink carnations, dracaena (theContinue reading “Blooming Mondays: After the Snow”

Yankii? You mean Yankee, right?

If you are not familiar with the term yankii/yanki let me be the first to introduce you to one of my favorite Japanese subcultures. Yankii is Japanese term derived from the English word – you guessed it – Yankee. According to the 2002 Japan Times article Our Yankii are Different from Your Yankees one of influencesContinue reading “Yankii? You mean Yankee, right?”

Junior High Sports Festival

In my first week of teaching I encounter the famed Sports Festival found in slice of life anime. Anime tends to highlight the sports and culture festivals in high school because the classes tend to compete against each and there is more variety and independence in events and activities. Please take all of this withContinue reading “Junior High Sports Festival”

Kendo – or How I Threw Myself into the Deep End

I practiced Kendo 3 years ago in Taiwan. For two months I practiced at a university Kendo Club before leaving with my class for Thailand. I had been enamored with the traditional Japanese sport after watching anime and a few tournaments on YouTube. I got my chance to practice when my professor issued a cross-culturalContinue reading “Kendo – or How I Threw Myself into the Deep End”

Yobuko Squid Festival

 Yobuko’s famous いかまつり・Ika Matsuri! It’s a Squid Fest! ♦ This is Yobuko ♦ This tiny port town is actually a part of Karatsu City. It sits 30-40 minutes outside of Karatsu proper and is a beautiful drive through the mountains to reach the only main road running along the coast. Every September the tiny town is floodedContinue reading “Yobuko Squid Festival”