A World in Pink: Sakura in Kyushu

It's finally spring in Kyushu! I am excited to spend my first spring in Japan. I was lucky enough to snap a few pictures of the famous cherry blossoms before a rain storm washed them away. I was surprised to learn that there is night Hanami or night flower watching. Some of the pictures below were … Continue reading A World in Pink: Sakura in Kyushu

Blooming Mondays: Springtime in Suess

Sorry this post is a bit late! Flowers Pink Tulips, Dark Purple Dracaene (the leaves),  Yellow Acacia, Purple Ryukokorine/Glory of the Sun (Leucocoryne), and if anyone knows what the white flower is called please tell me.   First Attempt I like my first attempt but I didn't know what it do with the yellow  Acacia. … Continue reading Blooming Mondays: Springtime in Suess

Blooming Mondays: Valentines

I was so excited for the warm weekend weather in Kyushu. It felt like spring! Then Monday rolled around and the weather dropped - typical. I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day. Here is my "after" valentines arrangement that reminds me of the coming spring. Flowers So this week I used: pink … Continue reading Blooming Mondays: Valentines

ALT Perspective: NPR ‘How To Be A Great Teacher’

JET ALTs reside in the limbo of teaching. We are Assistant Language Teachers, the keyword being assistant. Many of us didn't, and will never, get a TOEFL certification; not to mention the majority didn't study education or Japanese in college/university. That doesn't stop us from wanting to be in Japan and believing in the potential … Continue reading ALT Perspective: NPR ‘How To Be A Great Teacher’

Blooming Mondays: Get Well Soon

Big thanks to my classmate who brought over these flowers when I was ill. This Monday's arrangement is my personal get well card. The Flowers I normally take the flower picture on my phone but it died in the beginning so the pics are on my big camera instead. I will update during the week. … Continue reading Blooming Mondays: Get Well Soon

Blooming Mondays: After the Snow

Welcome back! Kyushu experienced a freak snow storm last week, the roads were covered in ice, water pipes froze, and my ikebana class was cancelled. Flowers: Alright, this week arrangement is made up of yellow sweet peas (this is the first time I have ever seen yellow ones), light and dark pink carnations, dracaena (the … Continue reading Blooming Mondays: After the Snow

Results and Lessons from the JLPT N4 Exam

On a whim I decided to take the JLPT N4 test last December. For those scratching their heads in confusion this is the official Japanese Language Test that is taken in Japan ans around the world. Japanese language programs encourage or require students to take these exams as they are the official certification for Japanese … Continue reading Results and Lessons from the JLPT N4 Exam