JLPT Failure: Life Lessons, Culture Clash, and Sunburn

Life will send you important lessons to learn. And sometimes life has to send them again because you didn't learn your lesson the first time. That is what happened last weekend when I went to take the N4 JLPT. I studied for months and took two Japanese lessons per week so I could pass the exam. I … Continue reading JLPT Failure: Life Lessons, Culture Clash, and Sunburn

From the Finnish View: Review Part 2

Teachers and Leadership In part 1 of the review, I ended with a quote on how Finnish teachers perceive their careers as professional with obligations and responsibility. This does not mean teachers or the general population of say - the United States would claim the opposite for American teachers. Actually, I imagine many people arguing … Continue reading From the Finnish View: Review Part 2

ALT Perspective: NPR ‘How To Be A Great Teacher’

JET ALTs reside in the limbo of teaching. We are Assistant Language Teachers, the keyword being assistant. Many of us didn't, and will never, get a TOEFL certification; not to mention the majority didn't study education or Japanese in college/university. That doesn't stop us from wanting to be in Japan and believing in the potential … Continue reading ALT Perspective: NPR ‘How To Be A Great Teacher’

Blooming Mondays: Get Well Soon

Big thanks to my classmate who brought over these flowers when I was ill. This Monday's arrangement is my personal get well card. The Flowers I normally take the flower picture on my phone but it died in the beginning so the pics are on my big camera instead. I will update during the week. … Continue reading Blooming Mondays: Get Well Soon

Blooming Mondays: After the Snow

Welcome back! Kyushu experienced a freak snow storm last week, the roads were covered in ice, water pipes froze, and my ikebana class was cancelled. Flowers: Alright, this week arrangement is made up of yellow sweet peas (this is the first time I have ever seen yellow ones), light and dark pink carnations, dracaena (the … Continue reading Blooming Mondays: After the Snow

Series: Ghost Student: Intro

or....The one time I wish I went to Harvard To my excitement and dismay I found out that Pasi Sahlberg, lauded Finnish and International Educator and author of Finnish Lessons, is currently a visiting Professor of Practice at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. He is teaching a course called The Teaching Profession Around The … Continue reading Series: Ghost Student: Intro